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Consequences of Loop
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Nach Releases auf Great Stuff, Kling Klong, Gruuv, 2020 Vision, Viva Music, Tuning Spork oder Systematic hier das Debut-AlbumnnNach Releases auf Great Stuff, Kling Klong, Gruuv, 2020 Vision, Viva Music, Tuning Spork, Systematic hier das Debut-Album. Hugo & The Prismatics release their first album 'The Consequences of Loop' on Goodvibe Records. The album demonstrates Hugo's desire to lay his emotions on the line, the meeting point between his jazz roots and the groovy years of electronic dance music. The result of 15 years of making and playing music, 'The Consequences of Loop' is Hugo's debut solo album inspired by jazz improvisation, and the idea that our lives are a result of loops. Every action creates a new action. Able to distinguish influences as varies as Matthew Dear and Josh Homme on the record, Hugo's rich and varied sonic history comes to the fore on 'The Consequences of Loop', showcasing a raw and natural talent for combining cross-genre music into one effortless sound, sound you'll be hearing a lot more of in 2013. Available on CD and Digital formats. Escorted by a brand new live show (Hugo & The Prismatics quartet). The album is going to be followed by 2 videos produced by Pitch&Folks ltd in collaboration with Red Gallery London and members of the Unsettled art collective. TRACKS: 1. The Angel 2. Le Mystere 3. Random Jass Act 4. Episode1 5. The Consequences of Loop part1 6. The Vision 7. Fallin 8. The Consequences of Loop part2 9. Mofo Bike Rider 10. The Prism 11. Baby Please Come 12. Chemical Defense 13. Spit it out too

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